Delta Riflescope

Delta Optical Titanium 5-20x50 IR (Mildot) (DO5-20x50m)
Delta Optical Titanium 5-20x50 IR (Mildot) (DO5-20x50m)
  • Manufactured by: Delta távcső, Delta céltávcső

Price:   Euro:759,3

Riflescope equipped with a reticle that has been designed specifically for Delta Optical and dedicated to all the ambitious shooters. Reticle marked MCZ allows both to estmate the distance to the object and the correction of the trajectory path.
This is the first such reticle in the world!
This precision riflescope with adjustment of 1/8 MOA is perfectly suited for precise shooting sports, even at very long distances. It also works well at hunting in large spaces. Riflescope equipped with a side knob parallax.

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