Delta Riflescope

Delta Titanium 3-24x56 ED, OLT céltávcső
Delta Titanium 3-24x56 ED, OLT céltávcső
  • Manufactured by: Delta távcső, Delta céltávcső

Price:   Euro:1224,4

Details: Brand new product which premiered at the IWA 2014.
Excellent image quality throughout the zoom range thanks to ED glass. Robust tube with a diameter of 34 mm allows to adjust the reticle in the range of 100 MOA. There are two reticles to choose from: LR.600 designed for long distances and MR.P300 for medium distances. Both are scaled metrically and correspond with the click of the scope. 1 click equals 10mm.

There are two types of knobs to chose from: CCT (Compact Cover Turrets) and OLT (Open Locking Turrets). Both have the ZeroLock mechanism. OLT knobs also possess an easy mechanism for locking settings. Riflescope’s length is only 370 mm.

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