Delta Titanium 9x63 távcső
Delta Titanium 9x63 távcső
  • Manufactured by: Delta távcső, Delta céltávcső

Price:   Euro:280,7


Delta Titanium 9x63 Binoculars

Perfect brightness, sharpness of image and light weight make basics of Delta Optical Titanium binoculars success. The models reach ideal, joining classical parameters with uncompromising quality – particulary thanks to special anti reflection multicoated lenses, characterized by high light transmission.
Owing to so high standard, the binoculars have amazing optical efficiency ranging about 90% for entire optical system, ensuring more than average sharpness and contrast of image even during night observations. The nitrogen filled binoculars are water and fog resistant. Solid but light and compact, with rubber coated casing and elegant and practical cover ensure reliability, long lasting and comfortable use for many years.

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