MINOX BD 7X28 IF távcső
MINOX BD 7X28 IF távcső
  • Manufactured by: Minox távcső

Price:   Euro:284,0  Euro:260,0


The compact binoculars from MINOX: BD 7x28 IF
Small, convenient, water-proof - unlimited freedom.

Some opportunities and moments offer themselves only once in a lifetime – breathtaking landscapes with their immense richness of wonders or even impressive architecture with its fascinating details – all longing to be discovered. With the rugged and compact BD 7x28 IF binoculars from MINOX, adventurers and discoverers alike can enjoy these moments with all senses and not miss a thing, regardless if on a demanding hike in the mountains, on an eventful sailing tour around the globe or even on discovery tours in the cities around the world.

Light, robust and anti-slip – with modern comfort bridge

The high quality leading-edge optics of hightech optical glass, multi layered coatings and the 7x magnification is perfectly protected by an extremely robust light metal housing against raw weather conditions on land or on water. The path-breaking novelty is innovative ergonomics: Thanks to the well-conceived ergonomic design with an open comfort bridge and anti-slip rubber armouring, the 12 oz. tough and compact binoculars offer an extremely secure and effortless handling.

High-contrast, bright and clear

With its brilliant precision optics, the BD 7x28 IF is a constant companion providing razor-sharp views of everything, anywhere, and that from 20 metres to infinity. These handy compact binoculars offer a high-contrast image, brilliant colours, and a bright clear image experience in every situation, whether at high seas or on an eventful hiking tour. For unlimited mobility and untarnished, breathtaking experiences of nature.

Unbeatable price and performance

The BD 7x28 IF is water-proof down to 5 metres and its high precision interior is optimally protected against corrosion and fogging by a high quality nitrogen gas filling offering a typically proven and long-lasting MINOX quality at an unrivalled cost-performance ratio. A 5 year guarantee underlines the high demand of quality expected from MINOX products.

A diopter scale and twisting eyecups with a snap-in setting makes these elegant compact binoculars the ideal companion for eyeglass wearers, which include a neoprene strap and carrying case.

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