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Leica Geovid 8x42 HD-R távcső
Leica Geovid 8x42 HD-R távcső
  • Manufactured by: Leica távcső Leica céltávcső

Price:   Euro:2203,1  Euro:2030,2


Leica Geovid HD-R 42

The Geovid HD-R 42 models are the lightest and most compact premium binoculars with integrated rangefinders. They offer a classical, ergonomic design and a high quality finish. It's reliability has been proven over the years and is almost legendary. It allows precise distance determination at medium and long distances – even at dusk or dawn. 

When using the EHR function no previous knowledge of ballistics is required. The display appears at the single press of a button. Pre-setting or pre-programming is not needed.

The Leica Geovid HD-R 42 models are offered with 8x and 10x magnification.

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