Minox Binocular

MINOX BL 10x42 BR távcső
MINOX BL 10x42 BR távcső
  • Manufactured by: Minox távcső

Price:   Euro:512,5  Euro:497,2


Recognizing trends and responding to these with innovative products – the optics sprcialists of MINOX have created two all-round binoculars of the 42class, which, in spite of their exceptional performance data, are extreme lightweights. The MINOX BL 8x42 BR and BL 10x42 BR are two perfect companions for the price and weight-conscious outdoor enthusiast who does not want to compromise when it comes to optical quality. 

The L for “Light“ in the binocular name is based on the robust body of polycarbonate. With its rubber armouring and ergonomic design this optical masterpiece lies steady and sure in the observer’s hand, thanks to its low weight. And it is virtually indestructible – a new generation in MINOX sport optics. In addition to this, the BL 8x42 BR and the BL 10x42 BR are watertight to a depth of five meters as a result of the sophisticated sealing technology developed by MINOX engineers. 

The new developed optical systems with high light-gathering power have multicoated lens elements which guarantee highest optical performance and natural color rendition of the object in view. Thanks to the roof prisms with phase-correction coating the user is able to enjoy an image with exceptionally high detail rendition and excellent contrast, even when light conditions are bad. A nitrogen filling inside the binoculars prevents fogging of the glass surfaces, even with extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Also the specific needs of people wearing glasses have been taken into account. . With the extended eye relief the entire field of view can be enjoyed without vignetting, even for those wearing glasses. Rotating rubber eyecups which can be individually adjusted are additional convenient features. 

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