Thermal camera

Flir Scout PS 24 hőkamera
Flir Scout PS 24 hőkamera
  • Manufactured by: Flir hőkamera

Price:   Euro:2010,7  Euro:1864,1


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The Scout PS-Series fits easily into the palm of your hand, and its simplified operation makes it an ideal choice for sportsmen, hikers, ranchers, rangers, or backyard nature enthusiasts.

  • Traverse rough terrain even when it's pitch black outside.
  • Spot nocturnal animals, lost livestock, or downed game.
  • Locate missing people in adverse conditions…when every minute counts.
  • See through light fog, smoke, or trail dust.
  • Check out things that go bump in the night and keep your property safe.
  • Save money by locating missing insulation, leaky windows, or drafty doors around the house.





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