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Pulsar Recon X550 + Puslar 940
Pulsar Recon X550 + Puslar 940
  • Manufactured by: Pulsar éjjelátó,Pulsar hőkamera

Price:   Euro:847,5


Pulsar Recon X550 5.5x50 Digital Night Vision Monocular is another well designed, premium performance night vision device from Yukon. It’s a versatile unit that can be used as a handheld device, mounted on a tripod or installed anywhere you need it. Its optical component has enough light gathering power to function well in dim light conditions, but it truly shines in totally dark viewing conditions.

Benefits of IR Illumination
The embedded 805nm IR Illuminator, 50mm diameter lens, and highly sensitive CCD sensor work together to deliver high quality images even in complete darkness. The onboard Sum light signal digital processing program coordinates all the imaging data gathered by the monocular and furnishes you with usable images. You can also use more powerful external IR illuminators that deliver 940nm illumination.

Video In and Video Out Capabilities
The video jack functions both in Video in and Video out mode. Video out mode allows video recording without the use of adaptors, cameras or camcorders while the video in mode can be used to view images from other remote cameras on the Recon’s display.

Install and Mount it Where You Want
The specially designed mount of the Pulsar Recon X550 5.5x50 Digital Night Vision Monocular that combines Weaver and the ¼” standard for attaching various accessories. Mount it on a tripod, head gear or even install it on a fixed mount for night time surveillance purposes. Wherever you need to have an eye out in the dark, this monocular is up to the task.

Pulsar Recon X550 5.5x50 Digital Night Vision Monocular Features
- High light gathering capacity with generous 50mm objective lens
- Very Sensitive CCD array with Sum Light signal processing program
- Jack for connecting peripheral equipment
- Video out mode and video in mode
- Video out mode for recording without use of adaptors and camcorders or cameras
- Embedded IR illuminator for operation in complete darkness



Pulsar 940


Equivalent IR power: 30 ... 200 mW
Diode type: LED
IR Wavelength: 940 nm (invisible range)
Range of beam divergence: 5.7 ... 10°
Power supply: 3V (2хАА)



Pulsar IR Flashlights’ spot can be smoothly adjusted from narrow beam to flood. Unfocused beam illuminates larger area; the narrow beam light ensures longest possible viewing distance.



Power is adjusted by rotating the wheel on the body next to the ON button. Adjustment of both – power and spot divergence angle – helps achieve best illumination of an object in specific observation conditions.    


IR Spot Position

Design of Pulsar IR Flashlights allows spot position to be corrected in the field of view horizontally and vertically. To do this, loosen the ring fixing the optical assembly, adjust the IR spot in the center of the field of view (the NV unit should be on) and tighten the ring again.



Pulsar IR Flashlights are equipped with a mount adaptable for Weaver rail available in most modern night vision rifle scopes and optical units, as well as hunting or sports and pneumatic weapons. Package also includes an adapter that allows flashlights to be attached to NV units outfitted with a ¼ inch tripod mount.

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