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Pulsar Edge 3,5x50 éjjellátó
Pulsar Edge 3,5x50 éjjellátó
  • Manufactured by: Pulsar éjjelátó,Pulsar hőkamera

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Pulsar Night Vision Scope Challenger GS 3.5x50 74097 is truly multi-functional! This Night Vision device from Pulsar features built-in magnification, high edge-to-edge resolution, and a clear, distortion-free, geometrically precise image across the entire field of view, thanks to the specially designed optics and the CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube. This durable night scope features a hermetically sealed body allowing it to be used in virtually any weather condition: fog, rain showers, even sandstorms. Pulsar Challenger 3.5x50 Night Vision Scope magnifies your view three and a half times, capturing detail from the dark even at a distance, and the powerful detection range of the Pulsar Night Vision scope lets your view sweep across a wide range of territory, not just what's close at hand.

The Pulsar GS Night Vision Challenger Scope can function as a night vision monocle, or can be used with a head mount to function as night vision goggles for either the left or right eye. It can also be used as a night attachment for an optical rifle scope or collimator sight. The night vision scope is equipped with a wide-angle, short range Infrared Illuminator. Pulsar builds the Challenger Night Vision Scope with a second mounting point, enabling the user to attach additional night illumination devices as needed. Both the primary night vision sight tube and the infrared light are activated via an easy-to-use switch. The power switch design guards against accidental activation.

The Pulsar Challenger 3.5x50 GS Night Vision Scope is made to handle many applications. From outdoor sports and night hunting, night photography and night hiking, to industrial security, military uses, and rescue and patrol operations, the Challenger GS Night Scope does it all. We carry top-quality Night Vision products from numerous quality manufacturers. Pulsar makes the best in high-tech night vision optics including night vision devices and binoculars. Visit our online store for a great selection of Pulsar Night Vision products on sale at the best prices.

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