Night vision

Yukon Spartan 3x42 éjjellátó
Yukon Spartan 3x42 éjjellátó
  • Manufactured by: Yukon távcső

Price:   Euro:241,3


Compact night vision monoculars NVMT Spartan are designed for nighttime observation and orientation. Device’s most prominent feature is the extra powerful built-in IR Illuminator increases viewing range. The IR Illuminator enables observation in lowlight conditions and even complete darkness. Use of additional accessories makes the NVMT Spartan especially versatile. With the help of adapters you can take pictures and shoot video clips; changeable lenses will increase magnification of your device. NVMT Spartan 3x42’s magnification is high enough to use for long-distance observation, but it is compact enough to fit in a pocket. This affordable, compact, lightweight monocular provides comfortable viewing and versatility for numerous activities.

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