Night vision

Dipol-dm1 DIPOL DM1 monokuláris digitális éjjellátó
Dipol-dm1 DIPOL DM1 monokuláris digitális éjjellátó
  • Manufactured by: Dipol éjjellátó

Price:   Euro:334,6


50mm objective lens, 5x magnification and 752x582 resolution. The biggest advantage of digital night vision devices over the analogue ones is that intense light does not damage the device., The device comes with an F/1.2 objective lens. The image brightness and contrast can be adjusted, as well as the built in infrared illuminator. Provides a standard video output, so the image can be viewed on a monitor or can be recorded.Conveniently located push-button control allows to take the device and the settings under control. Three power levels of IR-illuminator. Video output. The indicator of the battery status and power of IR-illuminator are located at display. Efficient brightness and contrast adjustment. Time at display.

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