Night vision

DIPOL-125 éjjellátó 1x nagyítással, fejkosárral
DIPOL-125 éjjellátó 1x nagyítással, fejkosárral
  • Manufactured by: Dipol éjjellátó

Price:   Euro:612,2


The DIPOL night vision device provides 1x magnification. Using the MK adaptors it can be mounted behind traditional telescopes meaning that these telescopes can work even in total darkness. Both the optical quality, metal housing and built in infrared illuminator helps this model to outperform others. Thanks to the stronger infrared illuminator objects can be detected during dark, moonless nights even from 100 meters (without IR from 50 meters). The 40 degrees field of view is larger than the similar models but distortions at the edges are definitely smaller. Weigths 300 gramms with a length of 136 mm. Two 1.5V LR1 battery powers (which is a bit cheaper than the usual CR123) which can power the device for 36 hours (without IR). Features protection against too much light. When weared on head it is ideal to be used inside without illumination (for example in caves or when observing birds) and we still need both hands. Ideal for nighttime hiking, as no device with higher than 1x magnification can be used this way. Minimum distance is 20-25 cm. The strap can be mounted on the head several different ways. The D125 can be extended with another objective lens providing higher magnification and an infraled illuminator. The F=80mm (UN7D) can be purchased separately and provides 4x magnification. One main body and two objective lenses provide a cheaper solution. The 1x magnification 26 mm focal length objective lens makes it possible to mount the device behind a telescope. Spotting scopes, riflescopes and be enhanced this way using the MK adaptors, made from metal. MK123 provides fix mounting while MK124 can turn out the device.

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