Night vision

Dipol D125 4x52 éjjellátó
Dipol D125 4x52 éjjellátó
  • Manufactured by: Dipol éjjellátó

Price:   Euro:573,1


The 1x objective lens (f=26mm) can be changed to an f=80mm one, which increases the magnification to 4x. This dipol model is a night vision device with 4x magnification mounted in a shock resistant aluminium case and is easy to use. The objective lens has a diameter of 52mm and the image sensor provides 300 mA/lumen amplification with a resolution of 35 lines/mm. With the 4x magnification the field of view is 12 degrees. Objects from even 240 meters away can be identified (an object with dimensions of 0.5 x 1.8 meter) during first quarter Moon (0.005 lux)). The device has built in protection against too bright ligh. The infrared illuminator has a power of 110 mW, which is muchs stronger that the generally provided ones featuring 30-40 mW. Two 1.5V LR1 batteries are needed (cheaper than the CR123) which can power the device for 30 hours (without IR illumination). Weights 490 g, dimensions 204 x 58 x 74 mm.

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