Night vision

DIPOL-212 PRO binokuláris éjjellátó 4x
DIPOL-212 PRO binokuláris éjjellátó 4x
  • Manufactured by: Dipol éjjellátó

Price:   Euro:690,5


This Dipol night vision device provides the highest quality available from a first generation device. Provides bright and wide field of view (12 degrees) Using two eyes is very important, with two eyes we can see much better. The 212 pro SL night vision device is the advanced version of the former 211 pro. The 55 mm lenses provide 52 mm clear aperture. Eyepiece lens is 15 mm with 10mm eye relief. The f=80mm objective lenses are f/1.6 and D212 SL pro provides 4x magnification. The focus can be adjusted for the two eyepieces separetely. The inter pupil distance is fixed at 64 mm, but thanks to the large eyepiece lenses anyone having IPD from 59 to 69mm can use the device. The D212 SL has a well designed case with rubber coating. Detection distance is 300 meter (an object of 0.5 x 1.8 meters can be detected from this distance during first quarter moon of 0.005 lux). The built in LED infrared illuminator has a power of 110 mW (other devices contain 30-40 mW models), but more powerful illuminators can be mounted on the top. NEW: The D212 SL is available with the built-in laser IR-illuminator, what is far superior to the LED one. It increases significantly observation range. The device is powered by 1 AA battery for up to 30 hours (without IR). Dimensions 199 x 122 x 63 mm, weights 750 g only.

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