Night vision

DIPOL-216 binokuláris éjjellátó 5x
DIPOL-216 binokuláris éjjellátó 5x
  • Manufactured by: Dipol éjjellátó

Price:   Euro:847,1


This device can show the finest details thanks to its high resolution and sensitivity. When a laser illuminator is used it provides an image that can be compared in quality to the image provided by a 2nd generation device (at a much lower price) This model fits in the gap between the Dipol D212 4x and 6x models. The 100mm objective lens provide 5x magnification. The lenses are f/5 minimizing the distortions as well. The robust body and the quick image refresh rate is extremely useful in case of fast moving objects. The body is made of aluminium with rubber coating. Utilizes the power very efficiently and can operate even with batteries almost flat. Requires standard sized AA batteries which are widely available. The inter pupillary distance is fixed at 64 mm but thanks to the large eyepiece lenses anyone having IPD between 59 and 69 mm can use the device. A higher power illuminator can be mounted on the top which might increase the detection distance even to 500 meters. At the bottom a standard 1/4" photo thread is provided.

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