Night vision

DIPOL-212 PRO binokuláris éjjellátó 6x
DIPOL-212 PRO binokuláris éjjellátó 6x
  • Manufactured by: Dipol éjjellátó

Price:   Euro:964,6


One version of the Dipol 212 night vision device provides 6x magnification which is recommended to longer distances. Although the physical dimensions have increased a bit but also the detection distance is also increased. This model is identical to D212 4x model, the only difference is that the longer focal length objective lens provide 6x magnification. Ideal for observations of objects at 200 m distance or further away. The device provides a 110 mW infrared illuminator but the Dipol laser illuminator can increase the detection distance up to 5-600 meters. This exceptionally long distance can be achieved using the high magnification and the very bright laser illuminator. The case is made of metal and is very robust.

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